ESRC Training Series - Webinar 2: Basics of Energy Management



Recorded on March 6, 2018

Duration: 67 minutes

The Environmental Sustainability Resource Center (ESRC) is providing a training series of webinars intended to enhance business operations through applied sustainability strategies.

This four-part webinar series is designed to educate commercial and industrial facilities on the business case for environmental sustainability, identify building blocks for a successful program and provide examples and resources to help turn actions into outcomes.

Topics include:

  • Understanding your energy use and cost
  • The “Cost of Doing Nothing”
  • No-cost/Low-cost opportunities to reduce your utility bills
  • Tools and resources for evaluating energy savings
  • Success story presentation
  • Technical assistance available

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Presentation Info


Cheryl Eakle, Senior Sustainability Engineer,
Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center

Mark Toda, Senior Sustainability Engineer
Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center

Douglas Hamilton, CEO
Hamilton Associates, Inc.



[00:01] Introduction

[01:35] Energy Management

[12:33] Energy Opportunities

[28:08] Company Spotlight – Hamilton Associates, Inc.

[52:54] E2 Tools and Resources

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