New resource: 'Further with Food' website

The National Sustainable Lodging Network recently announced that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), working with over a dozen other private and public organizations, has launched a “Further with Food” website. This virtual resource is designed to help businesses, government entities, NGOs, academics and individuals find and share information about proven solutions and innovative new approaches

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P2Rx Launches Updated Website

Check out the updated P2Rx Website!

P2 Act 25th Anniversary Retrospective Report Published

Twenty-five years ago, Congress passed the Pollution Prevention (P2) Act. What prompted the Act? What is the Act’s impact and legacy? And what’s next for pollution prevention?

To help answer these questions, the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC) has compiled a P2 Retrospective Report. The report dives into the history of pollution prevention,

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NPPR Releases New P2 Report

The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR), in conjunction with the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx), has prepared a full report of the results of P2 efforts form 2010 – 2012. It describes participants, methodology for data collection and analysis, results, and future efforts to improve the collection and sharing of P2 results.

Pollution Prevention Strategies

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Introducing the Greening Sports Directory (GSD)

What is it?

The Greening Sports Directory (or GSD) is a comprehensive directory of local, regional, and national contacts and resources to help sports facilities green their operations – whether professional, university-level, or recreational. Facilities looking to improve their energy efficiency or their green purchasing practices now have a rich list of contacts available to

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Green casino: How one tribe cut its energy costs by 18 percent

A constant stream of flashing lights, buzzing slot machines and a ricocheting ring of winning jackpots draw in millions of casino guests each year. Many casinos offer more than just a gaming experience as well, with lodging, spas, golf courses and pools on site.

It’s no surprise, then, that casinos are also big energy users,

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Why the road to sustainability starts with pollution prevention

By John Harland Published March 06, 2012

Pollution prevention as a term has become less used recently, supplanted by sustainability, but the fundamental idea of preventing pollution rather than fixing problems is essential for efficient, economically viable manufacturing, providing services, and addressing many environmental problems.

It makes sense, both economically and environmentally, to reduce

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