Kentucky Envirothon Competition training locations, dates announced

Students all across Kentucky are learning about our natural resources through the Envirothon program. They are preparing to compete against other teams on knowledge of natural resources-related topics, including soils, forestry, aquatics, wildlife ecology and a current environmental issue. This year’s current issue is “Agricultural Soil and Water Conservation Stewardship.”

Two training days are currently

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KY EXCEL now open for agriculture

Launched by the Department for Environmental Protection in 2006, KY EXCEL is a free, voluntary program open to any individual, organization, community or business that acts to improve Kentucky’s diverse and unique environment through environmental leadership. EXCEL members go above and beyond the state’s environmental requirements.

In the past year, the program has expanded to

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Sustainable farming controls water flow

MISSISSIPPI STATE – Much of agriculture’s success depends on effective water management, which must be done to keep both farmland and surrounding areas healthy.

Agriculture was a $6.7 billion industry in Mississippi last year, and the state is on track to match that value in 2012. That makes agriculture big business with a big responsibility

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Md. farmers are doing their share for Chesapeake Bay

The recent commentary by representatives of Senior Scientists and Policymakers for the Bay regarding poultry waste regulations was wrong in many ways (“No more half-measures,” June 18).

They are correct that more people and their pollution will stress our environment. More people will reverse the progress that agriculture is making. TheU.S. Environmental Protection Agencyreports that

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