Journey to Flourishing – A story of transformation through Sustainability and Engagement of the Whole

September 14, 2017 @ 1:00 pm EDT – 2:00 pm EDT

A webinar hosted by the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, Prairie Research Institute.

The inspirational story of how one mid-sized company has been transformed through a commitment to Purpose, Sustainability and total Employee Engagement.

Nine years ago, Clarke was a successful company in the mosquito control and aquatic habitat management industry. Despite its success, Clarke’s CEO would describe that Clarke as tired and “old-school”. In 2008, prompted by Clarke’s CEO and his desire to lead with greater purpose, the company embarked on a journey to reduce and better manage its environmental impact and create a more sustainable enterprise.

Through a commitment to this sense of purpose and engagement of the whole system, Clarke has been transformed. Achieving significant results in reducing its environmental footprint, giving back to the community, unleashing innovation, and fostering a culture that is moving beyond simply Sustainable to a state of Flourishing.

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