ESRC E3 Alliance Networking Session - July 2015

The series of information sharing and networking roundtable sessions continue in 2015 hosted by the Environmental Sustainability Resource Center (ESRC) for State E3 Project Leads in U.S. EPA Regions 3 and 4. Participants representing funded E3 projects, the U.S. EPA and the ESRC continue the conversation about how to establish the E3 initiative as an innovative and valuable strategy for businesses through sharing state, regional and national perspectives and experiences.

July 29, 2015 Session

Duration: 1 hour, 3 minutes


  • Welcome & Overview
  • Introductions [1:44]
  • Investing in Mfg Communities Partnership / HQ E3 Update [4:48]
  • Choosing High Impact E3 Clients [33:41]
  • Integrating E3 into the Value Stream Map [57:03]
  • Wrap-Up & Next Steps [59:14]

Session Description

The purpose of this discussion-based ESRC E3 Alliance session, another in a series of networking sessions among assistance providers and agencies interested in advancing the benefits of an Economy, Energy and Environment (E3) strategy, is to share information about initiatives and approaches to E3 that can help with successful service delivery and building a viable program.


Tom Murray
Senior Science Advisor
U.S. EPA, Headquarters
Presentation: IMCP and E3 Update

Keith Litz
Senior Environmental & Energy Specialist
Virginia Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC)
Presentation: A Methodology for Choosing High Impact E3 Clients

Lissa McCracken
Executive Director
Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center
Presentation: Strength Through Innovation – E3 Strategies for Kentucky Industries

Related Information

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