E3 Virtual Roundtable - June 17, 2013

An E3 (Economy, Energy and Environment) virtual roundtable was held on June 17, 2013 facilitated by the Environmental Sustainability Resource Center, part of the P2Rx network of informational centers, to establish dialog and networking among states within U.S. EPA Regions 3 and 4 engaged in E3 implementation projects.

The discussion was structured around questionnaire results based on feedback submitted by state E3 project leads that addressed five main topics:  1.) E3 Technical Assessments; 2.) Partner Engagement; 3.) Communications;  4.) Funding ; and 5.) Moving Forward. A recording of The E3 Virtual Roundtable  (1 hour, 15 minutes) is available for viewing on the ESRC YouTube Channel.  The specific discussion points were as follows:

(Note: Click on the time-stamp links to go to that location in the recorded video.  Use the browser Back function to return to this page.  This information is also available on the video page under the About tab and clicking on the ‘Show more’ option. )

Introduction [2:10]
– Purpose and goals of the E3 roundtable discussion [10:58]
– Discussion agenda [17:32]

E3 Technical Assessments
– What is incorporated into an E3 assessment? [18:30]
– Other considerations [20:00]

Partner Engagement
– Who are the partners for the E3 project and what is their level of engagement? [26:51]

– How often does the E3 partnership communicate to deliver the E3 project and services? [31:47]

– How is the E3 project funded? [39:45]
– What are the most pressing issues? [46:23]

Moving Forward
– Wrap-up and next steps [1:05:44]

The following related materials are also available for download in PDF format: