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2018 Rural Energy Conference @ Georgia Tech Global Learning Center
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Innovate Mississippi

Innovate Mississippi

E3 Project Profile

State: Mississippi

Organization Type:  Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)

Project Lead Contact Information:

Dr. Sumesh Arora
Innovate MS
134 Market Ridge Drive
Ridgeland, MS 39157




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Project status:  Active

Project Period

  • Begin Date: 2012
  • End Date: To be determined.

Project Description/Focus:

  • Focus on serving smaller manufacturers throughout the state that lack resources.

Client Interaction

  • Number of E3 assessment clients: 2
  • Average time spent per client (hours): 220

Client Size (Number of employees)

  • Largest: 200
  • Smallest: 50

Client Types

  • Industrial

Client Type Comments

  • Smaller manufacturing facilities that had limited resources.
  • Need follow-up technical assistance.


Technical Assessments

  • Number Conducted: 7
  • Types Provided:
    • Environmental Assessments
    • Energy Assessments
    • Greenhouse Gas Evaluations
    • Lean Assessments
    • Safety

Technical Assessments – Comments

  • Focus on energy, environmental, and lean opportunities.
  • Safety has been well received.
  • Economic development officials have been invited, but have yet to attend.

Pre/Post Assessment Training Conducted

  • Follow-up lean training w as conducted by the Innovate MEP group to the second E3 pilot facility.

Marketing Materials / Activities 

  • Events (e.g. – Conferences, forums, sessions, etc.)
  • Email Communications
  • Flyers/Brochures
  • Partner Networking
  • Success Stories
  • Newsletters

Marketing Strategies – Comments 

  • Under development. Feel like need to enhance this area.

Tools Used / Developed

  • Value Stream Maps
  • Software (e.g. – customized spreadsheet, 3rd party products, etc.)
  • Pre-assessment Questionnaire
  • Metrics Tracking (e.g. – database, spreadsheet, etc.)
  • Calculators

Experience / Processes

Client Report Process Description

  • Objective is to provide a final report in a standardized format summarizing findings from all areas that will provide guidance in effective manner.
  • Standard format has not been finalized.

Opportunities Identified

  • Energy Savings – Air Compressor Leaks
  • Energy Savings – Lighting upgrades
  • Energy Savings – Insulation
  • Safety Issues
  • Water Savings

Implementation (Follow-up) Strategy

  • Clients are contacted approximately 3-6 months following the assessment to discuss what has been implemented, what barriers to
    implementation are, and additional needs.

Project Barriers 

  • Recruitment of clients – “buy-in” seems to be a big challenge.
  • Lack of information/understanding on the part of manufacturers – Education on value of E3.
  • Manufacturers are balancing E3 activity with day to day business
  • Availability of funding for resources to conduct assessment.
  • Quantifying the monetary savings for all categories.

Project Outcomes (Results)

  • Both facilities had over $100,000 in savings identified
  • Additionally, potential fines were identified.

Project Experience – Comments (Results)

  • There is a need for a stronger network base to provide follow-up technical assistance.



  • Universities
  • U.S. EPA Regional Office
  • U.S. DOE Industrial Assessment Center (IAC)
  • State – Occupational Safety & Health Administration Agency
  • State – Energy Agency
  • State – Pollution Prevention Technical Assistance Program (TAP)
  • Regional/Local – Community Colleges
  • NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)

Partners – Comments

  • Those marked have been actively involved. Others have served in an advisory capacity.

Funding Source

  • U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC)
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)