E3 Alliance - 2014 Roundtable Series

A series of information sharing and networking roundtable sessions were hosted by the Environmental Sustainability Resource Center (ESRC) for State E3 Project Leads in U.S. EPA Regions 3 and 4. Participants representing funded E3 projects, the U.S. EPA and the ESRC engaged in conversation about the various aspects and experiences with moving the E3 initiative forward by providing state, regional and national perspectives.

Session topics for the series included:

  • Session 1: E3 Project Overviews and Initiative Updates
  • Session 2: Funding E3 Programs
  • Session 3: E3 Implementation
  • Session 4: Marketing the E3 Concept

Session 1

Session Topic: Introductory Overview

Session Date: February 26, 2014 / Duration: 56 minutes

This was the first in a series of networking roundtables hosted by the ESRC for E3 project leads in U.S. EPA Regions 3 and 4. Participants representing nine E3 projects, EPA and the ESRC shared introductory overviews of the individual projects, updates and discussion regarding future topics for dialogue that included funding, marketing, implementation and assessments. Additionally, a status on the development of the E3 Projects Profile Web content and demonstration of the draft content was provided by the ESRC.


  • Overview
  • 90-second Introductions  [4:02]
  • E3 Project Profiles Resource  [25:53]
  • EPA Briefing on E3  [39:25]
  • Identify Next Discussion Topic  [44:19]
  • Next Steps  [51:13]


Session 1 Summary (pdf)


Session 2

Session Topic: Funding E3 Programs

Session Date: April 23, 2014 / Duration: 66 minutes

The topic of this session was “Funding E3 Programs”. Much of the focused discussion points centered around funding mechanisms available and being utilized for the E3 projects in the regions, funding strategies being pursued by EPA Headquarters, and considerations for building a sustainable business model.


  • Introductions [02:52]
  • Focused Discussion Topics:
    •  National & Regional funding considerations [15:19]
    • Current funding sources [38:50]
    • The business model [46:18]
  • Identify Next Roundtable Discussion Topic [1:02:25]
  • E3 Project Profiles Update [1:03:25]
  • Next Steps [1:04:00]


Session 2 Summary (pdf)

Session 3

Session Topic: E3 Implementation

Session Date: June 25, 2014 / Duration: 66 minutes

This session engaged the concepts and experiences for “Implementing E3”. The discussion centered around characteristics of the process leading toward successful implementation of E3 at the facility-level. Topics addressed included partner engagement, development of the client relationship, along with vehicles and instruments used in follow-up. Barriers to implementation were also discussed along with ideas for boosting ongoing implementation efforts.


  • Introductions [2:00]
    • “What is your greatest implementation issue/concern?”
  • HQ E3 Update [25:38]
  • Discussion Topics [34:31]
    • Achieving successful implementation
      • Client relationship
      • Partner engagement
      • Tools used
    • Barriers to implementation [1:01:58]
  • Wrap-Up & Next Steps [1:02:57]


Session 3 Summary (pdf)

Session 4

Session Topic: Marketing E3 Services

Session Date: August 26, 2014 / Duration: 59 minutes

The topic of this session is “Marketing E3”.  The discussion centered around marketing strategies being utilized to promote E3 and the challenges faced in effectively communicating E3 to potential clients.  The discussion addressed topics such as messaging, marketing materials developed, and various approaches to marketing E3 services.


  • Introductions [3:00]
    • “What challenge, if any, do you experience in marketing E3?”
  • HQ E3 Update [18:10]
  • Discussion Topics [29:29]
    • Messaging
      • Value Proposition
      • Elevator Pitch
    • Marketing Strategy [43:40]
      • Branding
      • Materials Developed
      • Communicating the Message
      • Partner Organizations
  • Wrap-Up & Next Steps [54:30]


Session 4 Summary (pdf)