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ESRC – Promoting E3 Collaboration in Regions 3 and 4

In 2009, the federal government created a framework called E3: Economy, Energy and the Environment to help small to medium sized manufacturers understand and adopt sustainable business strategies to reduce waste, improve the efficiency of their operations and position their firms to be more competitive in a global marketplace. State and local communities use the E3 framework to help boost local economies to achieve their sustainability goals.

E3 brings together federal agencies, states and local communities for a broad discussion on how to connect respective programs to deliver responsive, coordinated solutions in a manufacturing environment. To help facilitate collaboration on E3 initiatives, the Environmental Sustainability Resource Center (ESRC) is working to establish dialog and networking among states within U.S. EPA Regions 3 and 4 engaged in E3 implementation projects.

An E3 virtual roundtable was held on June 17, 2013 that initiated a regional conversation among representatives from EPA regional offices, EPA headquarters, state E3 projects and partners. Additional sessions will be scheduled to continue the conversation and leverage the E3 efforts in U.S. EPA Regions 3 and 4 with recordings and related materials posted to build a valuable E3 resource on this site.

The ESRC E3 Project Profiles content is a resource that provides a detailed look at E3 projects recently completed or currently under way in EPA Regions 3 and 4. This information was compiled from an ESRC survey in February 2014 with the intent to support networking between the projects and to share about who is working to move E3 forward within the two regions.

The ESRC facilitated an E3 Alliance Roundtable Series of information sharing and networking was comprised of four sessions hosted by the Environmental Sustainability Resource Center (ESRC) for State E3 Project Leads in U.S. EPA Regions 3 and 4. Sessions were held bi-monthly from February 2014 through August 2014.

Please check back to see where the conversation goes and for new resources that become available.

Learn more about the national E3 initiative at www.epa.gov/e3.

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