Tennessee Green Star Partnership – July 2018 Highlight

Y-12 National Security Complex

Oak Ridge Tennessee – Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC

Sitting on 811 acres and consisting of 314 buildings, the Department of Energy Y-12 National Security Complex operated by CNS resembles a small city. The site specializes in weapon component production, surveillance, dismantlement, and storage to make weapon material available for peaceful uses, such as fueling research reactors and producing medical isotopes. With the amount of action that the area sees, one can imagine the quantity of waste that is generated on a daily basis. For this very reason, the Sustainability and Stewardship Program and an associated team were created. The program and team facilitate implementation of pollution prevention initiatives, such as source reduction, reuse, recycling, and chemical and spill material disposition. Through the development of this program, the site has seen tremendous success in waste reduction, diversion, and management.

Read more about the sustainability practices that optimized utilization of resources and enhanced modernization efforts in the Tennessee Green Partnership Highlight for July [PDF].