Tennessee Green Star Partnership Highlight – Akebono Brake Corporation

Akebono Brake, a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd., is a global provider of advanced noise, vibration and harshness braking solutions to the world’s automotive industry. The Akebono Clarksville plant manufactures many foundation brake components including hubs, rotors, drums, calipers, and corner module assemblies.

Akebono Brake Corporation actively promotes waste elimination and protection of the global environment. The Akebono Clarksville plant has implemented many waste elimination measures in support of these values.

The segregation and recycling of metal scrap and machining chips is a cash-positive proposition for Akebono, as well as other basic recycling initiatives for paper and cardboard. They are a given for a modern industry operating with sustainability in mind. Where Akebono stands out is with their waste streams that are not so easy to eliminate or reuse.

Read the April 208 TGSP Highlights success story and learn more about Akebono’s hazardous waste reduction and water management achievements. [PDF]

The Tennessee Green Star Partnership is a voluntary environmental leadership program designed to recognize industries in the state that are committed to sustainable practices.