Introducing the Greening Sports Directory (GSD)

What is it?

p2rx-pprc-pnc_park-from-wiki-commons-jpgThe Greening Sports Directory (or GSD) is a comprehensive directory of local, regional, and national contacts and resources to help sports facilities green their operations – whether professional, university-level, or recreational. Facilities looking to improve their energy efficiency or their green purchasing practices now have a rich list of contacts available to assist them. The directory is currently organized into 20 Green Topics. It includes 18 major metro areas in 16 states. With the support of the EPA, PPRC updates and adds to the directory on a monthly basis. This month, we added three new metro area directories: Indianapolis, Dallas, and Atlanta.

Who is it for?

Our primary audiences are sports organizations – from professional teams to pee-wee leagues. But the GSD can be used by many businesses and organizations besides athletic ones. There are resources for businesses large and small, manufacturing and service-sector, academic institutions to hospitals.

Why a Directory for Greening Sports?

Sports serve as a powerful cultural force. Tremendous amounts of money, resources, and attention flow through sporting events and facilities. To green sports represents a huge opportunity to move the sustainability needle in both cities and in households. Before starting the directory, we found that many organizations struggled to connect with the services and programs best suited to help them. There was a clear need for a comprehensive and vetted directory that pulled out useful resources. Having a slew of good resources at hand will help organizations all over the country make comprehensive and time-effective efforts to green their operations.

p2rx-pprc-logo-pngFind out more about greening sports on the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC) web site, part of the P2Rx network of P2 information centers.