Tennessee Launches 2 Energy Programs

Two significant, statewide energy programs—the Tennessee Energy Education Initiative and the Qualified Energy Conversation Bond Program—launched Monday during a Tennessee Renewable Energy and Economic Development Council (TREEDC) event in Jackson, Tn. Both programs are designed to help Tennessee organizations of all types become more energy efficient and increase the use of renewable energy to improve their competitiveness, drive economic growth, and reduce environmental impacts.

“These two programs add to an ever-growing array of options available to Tennesseans who wish to reduce their environmental impact and their energy costs,” said Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Commissioner Bob Martineau. “With smart, targeted investments now we will consume less energy as a state in years to come, helping to insulate us from energy cost fluctuations and providing a potential cushion against other market factors. Sustainability is how we can make Tennessee better in many ways at once.

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